Freezing Cold and Soaking Wet

illustration for class assignment

Several months ago, when I was feeling particularly frustrated with the lack of diversity and female characters in video games, I thought “What if I just… made some?”

Emma decided she needed a new icon and it needed to be Gamagoori.

Eventually she will rack up enough debt that she can pay me back in cosplay.

Bird Dragon.

My recent commission for Julia Booth of her character Tyche!

She requested male and female versions of the character, which meant I got to do two very different poses, as well as a chance to play with lighting and color palettes. Overall it was a lot of fun to work on.

shinjutori asked: I was reading your comic Doom Brigade and I noticed the guy who repairs/remakes "conduits" looks like Geoff Ramsey and later when they go to the Kells there are a pair of guys that look like Jack Pattillo and Ryan Haywood. Was this on purpose or am I just going crazy?

It was on purpose!

In fact, if you go back to the pages in Pike Place Market, you’ll see Ray in one page and Gavin and Michael in the next!

I originally added Ray (and many others) to fill in the background, and started to come up with a story as I was drawing him: Pike Place has a ton of shops that sell flowers, so I posed him holding his roses and texting. In the next page, Gavin and Michael are eating at Beecher’s and Gavin is receiving said text.

Of course, once I’d added the Lads, I knew I had to add the Gents too.

Anonymous asked: How long does it take you to make a page? full color and everything. o: Also do you plan WAAAAY ahead of time how your pages going to look like, where they're going to go, etc? or are you just got the purpose of that chapter in mind but as you work on pages you go one by one?

Oh wow, comic questions. This is where I admit I haven’t done any work on the comic at all recently (for various reasons), but I’ll try to answer your question nonetheless.

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Hello! I am taking commissions!

If you’re interested, you can contact me at and we can talk about details.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you want something specific. Want it super anime? Done. An action pose? You got it. Want your dragon-antelope fursona cosplaying your favorite character and eating sushi? No fucking problem.

Hit me up.

This was gonna be part 2 of a set of 5. I’ll probably repost it again with the rest, but I really liked it as a standalone image.

I’m particularly proud of how his shoes turned out.They’re easily the best shoes I’ve ever drawn, and I got to make them Unit 02 colored.

nekkid troll boy under the cut

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Anonymous asked: those tattoos on cecil be lookin' fresh son


Liara T’sundere for Emma

this is probably the most anime thing I have ever made.

add “grumpy old eel man” to my list of characters that need proper names.



Drawing in class

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